Residential House Valuations in Perth

Residential house valuations in Perth are the most common property valuations undertaken and almost everyone has an interest, directly or indirectly with residential property.

Residential property owners in Perth may require a house valuation to unlock equity, determine or stamp duty on transfers, negotiate a settlement in instances of separation, expert witness in court proceedings or general advice prior to the sale of property. Have a look at our list of services for more information.

The valuation of houses in Perth involves the analysis of similar homes which have sold in the immediate area and comparisons based on differences between each sale and the subject property. Our valuers have undertaken thousands of house valuations in Perth and you can be sure that you will be receiving advice from an experienced property valuer.

Our expert property valuers can also act on your behalf to find the property of your dreams if you do not have the time or know how. You can also depend on the fact that our staff have an in depth understanding of the Perth metropolitan area and we will make sure you do not pay too much.

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