Rural Property Valuations Perth

Rural property valuations in Perth are complex tasks which require the assistance of a suitably qualified and licensed property professional.

Rural land is generally considered to be large parcels of land utilised for either cropping, grazing or lifestyle and is generally situated in outlying areas.

The valuation of rural land will normally take into consideration the general standard and suitability of improvements for the rural operation, quality and type of soils, topography of the land, rainfall, fertiliser history, stocking rates and numerous other factors which may influence the quality of the rural operation and hence, the valuation of the farm.

As a result of urban sprawl, rural land can often have an alternate highest and best use (ie) potential for residential or industrial subdivision. This is then considered to be englobo land and is treated differently to standard rural properties. If you are unsure whether or not your property has an alternate use, give us a call to discuss.

Valuations of rural properties in Western Australia may be required for a number of reasons and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in more details.