Unit Entitlement Valuations

Unit Entitlement Valuations

The Strata Titles Act defines unit entitlement as establishing the following:

  1. (a) The voting rights of a proprietor
  2. (b) The undivided share of each proprietor in the common property
  3. (c) The proportion payable by each proprietor of contributions levied

When a new development is created, a valuation is required to set the Unit Entitlement. The Act also allows for unit entitlement to be changed in some circumstances:

  1. (a) Re-subdivision
  2. (b) Merger of Land and / or Buildings
  3. (c) Conversion to Survey Strata Plan
  4. (d) Reallocation of unit entitlement by resolution
  5. (e) Reallocation of unit entitlement of Land Valuation Tribunal
  6. (f) Order for variation of unit entitlement

Our valuers are suitably qualified to undertake Unit Entitlement valuations for developments of grouped dwellings, multiple dwellings or land subdivisions.