Valuation Services


Real estate is the most valuable asset that most people own and as such, it is unfortunately not uncommon for disputes to arise.

Dispute Services


Hemsley Paterson have strong experience in the field of compensation valuations and our team are familiar with the various legislative entitlements. We regularly complete work for both private clients and acquiring authorities, such as Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), Public Transport Authority (PTA), Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and Water Corporation.


Our team work with various legal practitioners with respect to property disputes and we have represented our clients in early stage negotiations all the way through to representation as an expert witness in the Supreme Court.


We regularly assist clients with a wide variety of situations that require valuations for negotiation purposes. Some of these situations include market rent reviews for commercial assets, initial discussions between parties of a relationship breakdown, assisting in the agreement of a sale price or boundary encroachment issues to name a few.

Family Law

Where a marriage or de-facto relationship breaks down and the division of assets is required, we are able to assist in providing expert valuation advice to the Family Law Court for a wide range of property asset types throughout Western Australia.

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